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Discover the Industry Events and Conferences Where QuadSAT is Present

It is important for us to meet people in the industry and to discover the technology that is advancing very quickly. Additionally, it enables QuadSAT to exhibit our drone antenna measurement system and to explain why testing antennas with drone systems is beneficial. Therefore, QuadSAT is present at many different industry events and conferences, all over the world, throughout the year.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and keep an eye out for our news sections, where we often post news about the events and conferences before and after attending.

Below, you can explore the events and conferences QuadSAT will attend.

Industry events QuadSAT attends

Upcoming Industry Events

Space Tech Expo

New Space Europe

IBC – International Broadcasting Convention

European Microwave Week

Satellite 2022

EuCAP 2022

Space-Comm Expo 2022

AMTA 2022

Supporting Organizations

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