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Successful Live Broadcast on Easter Island with QuadSAT

30 November 2017

Easter Island is the most remote place on Earth and satellite communication is the only way to connect it with the world. During the annual Rapa Nui Sevens Rugby Tournament, QuadSAT provided a satellite link strong enough to do the first ever live broadcast from Easter Island.

The event was broadcasted to friends and families of the players as well as to rugby enthusiasts at every corner of the world. Proving the capabilities of satellite communication brought new hope to the people of Rapa Nui. It is worth to consider the potential impact internet can have on the school, waste management, the hospital and disaster relief in a place like Easter Island.

We would like to thank Global Teleports, SES and that make the broadcast possible.

Also, SES posted a great article with our post production video that you can watch right here.

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