About QuadSAT

QuadSAT is a small company located in Horsens. Its main occupation is research and development of new technologies and providing services regarding installation and maintenance of ship satellites.

Through our innovative approach we are trying to facilities the internet access to seagoing.

We believe that it’s possible to bring on the market a new product that aims to set the satellite in a faster and efficient way with less financial costs.

Our vision is to provide a good and fast internet connection to the maritime industry, strengthen our position on the market and get involved in scientific discoveries.


QuadSAT is a collaborative workspace where engineers, researchers and developers work together to provide to the clients the best solutions and support.

Our team

The QuadSAT team is formed from a group of young creative and innovative professionals united by passion. We use our vision and fast accelerating technology advances to change competitive landscape and provide new way of thinking for existing problems.