QuadSAT is a member of the following clusters and work-groups

Odense Robotics is the collective term for the high-tech ecosystem consisting of robot and automation companies, suppliers, education and research facilities, investment capital and public actors in and around the city of Odense, Denmark.

As a member of the startup cluster organization, QuadSAT has access to an extensive ecosystem of mentors, technological facilities, business development tools, investor networks, and support in the process of transforming a creative concept into an industrial production.

UAS Denmark is an international drone test center and ecosystem with the aim of accelerating drone innovation and practical application.

Combined with a special airside (urban, rural and maritime BVLOS test area) dedicated to drone development for commercial use, UAS Denmark offers a drone ecosystem handling all approvals and scheduling for drone flights below 150 kg. maximum take-off weight. The cluster also allows for knowledge sharing between research institutions, companies and private and public user organizations.

Innovation on Wings is a joint project between Southern University of Denmark and UAS Denmark, which focuses on the potential of developing innovative application opportunities for drones. The project has three tracks:

Market development, Technology Development and Clarifications, and the last one is Network. The three tracks allow the project to take a full view on businesses innovation process – from idea to testing and from technology to business development.

By being a participant, QuadSAT has access to professional technological mentorship, but also assistance in development of new business models and business areas.