QuadSAT attending one of the biggest ICT exhibition in Asia!

We are happy to announce we are heading to the east side of our globe. Our next destination is Singapore, where
one of the biggest information and communication technology exhibition of Asia is being held on May 23th to
25th, 2017.

The event is well known among global industry brands where they are going to showcase their newest technologies.

You can find more information about the even right here. 

Washington, here we go!


Looking for a place with more than 14,000 of the world’s top satellite communications professionals at one place? Well, we too.

QuadSAT will be visiting the Satellite 2017 exhibition in the capitol of the United States, Wachington, D.C.

We hope to see you there!

Find more about the event here. 



QuadSAT participates in UAS’ Innovation on Wings program!

Innovation on Wings is a new visionary drone project focusing on Market Development, Technological Development and Network.
The project is a collaboration between University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and UAS Test Center Denmark.

Several small and medium sized drone enterprises will participate in the project, including QuadSAT.

UAS is looking for a close collaboration with developers and customers. The program is aiming to mature the new ideas and products
faster and make them more successful on the market.

We look forward for the collaboration with UAS Denmark.

You can find more about Innovation on Wings here.


QuadSAT got selected by Innovationsfonden!

Innovationfonden is a venture investment which so far invested in other companies DKK 1.25bn to create growth and employment in Denmark.

We are proud to announce that our company just got selected by Innovationfonden!

Innovationfonden is a danish investment fund focusing on talented entrepreneurs to support creative ideas.

Out of 178 young team of entrepreneurs only 11 got selected, including QuadSAT. Starting from September 1st, our company will receive funding
from the organization for one year to help our dream materialize.

This marks the official beginning of Project QuadSAT and a clear sign, that now only us, but other professionals trust in the success of our product.

You can find out more here.